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Our Vision Statement


The vision of Mercy Christian Academy is to become the leading provider of Christian-focused, comprehensive, and diverse higher education. Our goal is to fulfill the Great Commission in both the lives and careers of our students. At Mercy Christian Academy, we firmly believe that the Bible should be the foundation of all education and the standard by which all knowledge is evaluated.

The vision of Our Christian Academy is to:

  1. Engage students in a high-quality Christ-centered education that challenges and equips them to reach their full potential spiritually, academically, socially, and physically.

  2. Create a transformative educational experience that focuses on deep disciplinary knowledge, problem-solving, leadership, communication, interpersonal skills, and personal well-being.

  3. Attract and cultivate the most promising students and exceptional staff from around the world, making Mercy Christian Academy a truly global university that benefits society as a whole.

Our Mission Statement

Mercy Christian Academy is an innovative educational institution dedicated to preparing and empowering a diverse group of Christ-centered students. Our mission is to provide them with the knowledge, ethics, and expertise needed to make a positive impact in an ever-changing world. This is achieved by creating a safe, nurturing, and respectful environment where every student receives a high-quality education through a range of degree programs, enabling them to reach their full potential.


The goals we have set to accomplish our mission are:

  • Spiritual: To inspire and lead students towards Christian maturity and spiritual growth.

  • Academic: To provide students with opportunities to integrate Biblical faith and lifelong learning, encouraging their intellectual, personal, and professional development.

  • Integrity: To demonstrate ethical behavior both within and beyond the academic setting, and to be responsible stewards of our resources. We uphold transparency, fairness, and honesty as individuals of high character.

  • Respect: To embrace the principles of Faith, Family, Freedom, and Community, fostering inclusiveness and diversity. We believe in treating every individual with professionalism, courtesy, and kindness.

  • Responsibility: To be accountable for our actions in all situations, whether it is within our university, our community, or our nation.

  • Christian Ethics: To emphasize the importance of Christian ethics as a framework for personal growth, university culture, community development, and global betterment.

  • Professional: To produce graduates who are competent in their respective fields of study.

  • Social: To cultivate a culture that redefines learning and living, honoring God, and making a positive impact on our community for generations to come.

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