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Mercy Christian Academy

Player Advancement

Mercy Christian Academy (MCA) is a leading player advancement program that provides student-athletes with a comprehensive environment for academic, athletic, and spiritual success. With a global sports network, MCA offers guidance to student-athletes to help them excel at the highest levels of competition.

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At MCA, we believe in a holistic approach to developing the total student-athlete. Our athletic programs provide access to cutting-edge equipment and state-of-the-art facilities, as well as unparalleled coaching, guidance, and support. Additionally, our vibrant community fosters a sense of shared passion and motivation among like-minded individuals. MCA is committed to providing both mental and physical training to assist student-athletes in reaching their full potential.


Mercy Christian Academy's program prioritizes the holistic development of each student-athlete, ensuring a comprehensive and individualized approach. Our team of experienced coaches, trainers, and scouts is dedicated to tailoring their focus to meet the needs, goals, and current level of each player. The structure of our program mirrors that of a collegiate student-athlete and a professional instructional league to prepare them mentally and physically well before competing at the collegiate level.

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College Placement

Our student-athletes follow a schedule that emulates a college program. This allows them to allocate a portion of their day to on-field or holistic performance training and development while dedicating the other solely to academics and spiritual growth. Our program is also supported by a dedicated college placement advisor who guides and supports our student-athletes throughout the college recruiting process.

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