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Why MCA?

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In recent years, there has been a notable rise in the challenges faced by secondary education.
1. A significant concern arises from the fact that a substantial number of high school graduates lack the essential skills required to thrive in today's workforce, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and writing abilities.
2. Another issue that has emerged is the limited opportunities available for high school student-athletes, due to the NCAA passing the One Time eligibility policy and the inclusion of an additional year for current college athletes.
3. Additionally, there is a growing concern about the diminishing Christian influence within public education, along with the increased promotion of political opinions by instructors, which undermines the ethical foundation of this system.

Mercy Christian Academy aims to create a thriving community and nurture future leaders through the establishment of Private Academy locations in underserved areas. Our campuses are designed to offer specialized educational and athletic training programs, ensuring that students have access to exceptional learning opportunities. As a Christ-centered institution, we strive to be the catalyst for success for numerous scholars and industry leaders.
Additionally, our campus provides student-athletes with the chance to pursue their athletic passions while receiving a top-notch education. We prioritize the development of Christian athletes who aspire to compete at an elite level.

At Mercy Christian Academy, our adaptable online learning platform positions us perfectly to cater to the needs of student-athletes who are dedicated to achieving academic, athletic, and spiritual growth. Every day, there are countless students and student-athletes actively seeking high-quality educational and athletic opportunities. Presently, the market is witnessing a surge in college recruiting services that assist students in finding the ideal college that aligns with their aspirations. Nevertheless, a significant number of students fail to secure suitable opportunities or compromise by settling for institutions that do not support their long-term goals for success.

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